Saturday, 28 November 2009

It's good to be back

Well fellow loc'ers it seems that I've been away for ages. In that time I've sported my locs on the other side of the pond in the great city of Atlanta.

Its coming onto 5 months of loc'dom and I can categorically report that I am having the time of my life. Bad hair day? What are those?

Since my last post my hair has changed considerably. The main difference is the thickness. Each loc has become much more plump. My hair continues to grow about 1/4 to 3/4 inch in between each re tightening. I don't observe a great deal of difference in the length to be honest, but my friends and family certainly do. My dad, who is a traditional Jamaican, anti-dreadlock aficionado loved my hair! I couldn't believe it.

My loc hair care regime is simple. I don't spritz with water as I have been advised that this can cause slippage. I simply allow the steam from the shower to do the work for me. Every couple of days I spray sparingly with Olive Olive Moisturiser and this works a treat.
I wash every 2 weeks and just before each 6 week re tightening.

I use Aveda Hair Detoxifier diluted with two-thirds water. Be warned, Aveda products are expensive. But to borrow another manufacturer's anecdote: 'I'm worth it!"
I spray every couple of days with Olive Oil Moisturising Sheen Spray. It doesn't cause build up, smells great and gives my locs a great sheen.

The journey so far has been pretty uneventful. I have minimal slippage and my hair is healthy and most importantly, my consultant Marie is happy. She informs me that contrary to my opinion my hair is nowhere near locking and it might be another year before it does. Am I bothered? Nah! Although a pain, I'll continue to braid and band until she tells me not to.

I cannot describe the feeling of freedom that I experience with microlocs. I really don't worry about being caught in the rain or being wind swept. Just a quick finger comb and my hair is beautifully restored. It's all good. I love the length (because it looks sassy) and when I feel like it I roll sections into Bantu knots to achieve a crinkly, curly voluminous look. I get many compliments and I feel great about my hair and its progress. Check out the pics below.


Evie said...

Glad you're back! So sorry I didn't get to see you when you were in Atlanta. Your hair looks great! I love Aveda products - I'm glad to know that they're safe for locs.

Take care,

Britlocs said...

A am so sorry. My schedule went awry. I'll be back in Atlanta in the New Year and we can meet then. I love the place so much.

fizz said...

I enjoy Aveda products also. Love your locks :)

follow fizz :)