Saturday 4 July 2009

Britlocs's First Week in Pictures

Week One

So it's been one week since my locs were installed and I have to say I am loving them. Today was their first outing as I have been at a conference for most of the week. I met up with some friends and as I expected they were curious. I anticipated loads of questions but only got a few. The comments were about the size (why so small?), permanency (when are you going to take them out?). But I did have compliments. On the whole my friends liked them.

The real deal will be at work with my colleagues. I work as a senior manager within the corporate sphere.
I have been really shocked about some of the posts I have been reading on the locks blogs re locs and corporate-dom. I'm not sure that we have that problem in England. Here we are pretty much free to wear our hair how we please as long as both it and the person are well groomed. Fellow Brits - please feel free to correct me here.

I have never felt that my hair is a problem and I don't feel differently with locs. I firmly believe that it is the confidence that the wearer exudes that makes all the difference.
At the moment mine are short. I started with 6 inches of all natural hair. I have to say that I LURVE wearing my hair short and so my short and sassy look microlocs perfectly suits my personality. I know I'll mourn its passing in a year or so. However I am curious to see how long they'll grow.