Sunday 27 September 2009

Locked in the Caribbean

Sisterlocks Meet-up in Jamaica

I've been back home for two weeks now after a very restful vacation in Jamaica. Whilst there I had the opportunity to meet up with the JA Sisterlockers for lunch and it was such a great experience. I had a hard time trying to eat, converse intelligibly and not keep staring at the beautiful head of locs that were attached to the talking heads of these beautiful women. N'Drea, CaribSun and Jastu were a pleasure to meet. It was indeed an honour. Thank you ladies and hopefully I'll catch up with you on my return next year.

So how did my locs hold up under the intense heat? - very well indeed. Marie my consultant had pre-warned me that the intense heat and humidity combined with the fact that I am a newbie, would put my locs at a greater risk of slippage. She was right. I loved that my scalp was constantly damp from my sweating head, but it did cause several locks to slip. Still no great damage and Marie sorted them out for me at my retightening session. Another thing I noticed was that the rate of growth was faster when I was in the Caribbean. So I am moving to Jamaica immediately and my locs will be down to my bum within a year or two. Result!
OK that's a pipe dream but it was amazing to experience such rapid growth.

My hair is changing in texture and thickness as the loose hair that would have been lost through combing is sprouting and wrapping themselves around my locs. Although I've had about an inch and a half of growth you can hardly tell and I haven't noticed a great deal of change in the length. I don't mind because I love the short and sassy look.

Hot Weather. Cool Hair! Literally

My friends and colleagues are beginning to take notice of my hair and are watching the changes keenly. I continue to attract comments (mostly positive) and remain ready to explain my reasons for locking at the drop of a hat. I am determined to enjoy every stage of the locking process and really, REALLY love my hair.


CaribSun said...

Hey Brit!! It was good spending time with you. Let us know when you come to Jamaica again.

Lumba said...

Brit, it's Jo - thanks for your message on my locks page. Your locks look fab. Keep it up.

Lock University said...

Is there a website for the SL Meetup in Jamaica? I would like to post it at LockUniversity.Com. Thanks